At the Tap Conference


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Mistrust of tap water by residents is greater in Los Angeles County than in most of the U.S.

Moreover, there are multiple, well documented accounts of continuously discolored, foul-smelling and poor-tasting water coming out of taps in largely disadvantaged communities served by publicly-regulated drinking water systems across the County. Mistrust and under-use of tap water has both negative health and affordability consequences which undermine the intent of California’s Human Right to Water.

The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, community members, and stakeholders from across Los Angeles gathered for the launch of an engaging discussion on the challenges and solutions to address mistrust of public drinking water in Greater Los Angeles.  This launch session brought together a variety of stakeholders to discuss the actionable next steps necessary to monitor, improve and increase trust in tap water quality in the region and move Los Angeles County towards a more equitable and sustainable water future.

At the Tap is made possible with the generous support of the Water Foundation and the leadership of the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, Environmental Justice Center for Water, Environment Now, and the following units at UCLA: UCLA Luskin Center’s Sustainable Water Initiative, the Center for Neighborhood Knowledge, Sustainable LA Grand Challenges, the Water Technology Research Center, and the Water Faculty Group.

Access to safe, clean, and affordable drinking water is a critical determinant of health, with social, economic, and environmental consequences. To better understand these issues and the landscape in which environmental advocates, public health professionals, community-based organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies are working to address the intersections between water, health, and equity, Prevention Institute conducted a series of 14 key informant interviews and a rapid review of the literature.

Read the Prevention Institute’s executive summary report on water, health and equity in Los Angeles County.