Avalon Green Alley Network – Phase 1

Location: Between W 53rd Street and W 54th street and Main Street and San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90037

The Avalon Project will transform six alley segments that create a network and a connection between residential homes and community amenities, including the local schools, parks and local grocery store. The multi-benefit Avalon Green Alley Network spans an approximately 35-acre neighborhood and is comprised of six city blocks and alleyways.

Phase 1 includes construction of the L-shaped alley in the southwestern corner of the network, located between West 53rd Street and West 54th Street and Main Street and San Pedro Street. It involves the construction of three multi-benefit projects to capture and infiltrate runoff from the surrounding block and intersecting streets via catch basin intercepts, a dry-well system, over 2,200 square feet of interlocking permeable pavers overlying an infiltration trench and vines and fruit trees in planters.

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