Community Benefits

Let’s provide the framework and mechanism to support all 88 cities as they grapple with the connected issues of water supply and pollution.

Given the vast economic and policy disparities across the county, a region-wide water planning, funding and support system is crucial to secure our water future in cities big and small.


Let’s create locally-sourced, clean drinking water for more Los Angeles County communities.

By capturing rainfall in our own backyard to replenish our groundwater, we safeguard our communities from threats to water supply, such as earthquakes or rising prices.


Let’s combine traditional infrastructure and nature-based solutions to protect flood-vulnerable regions.

Multi-benefit projects will be engineered to blunt the effects of flooding by capturing and infiltrating stormwater when the region gets doused by extreme rainfall events.


Let’s create much-needed open space and greener neighborhoods in our concrete-choked region.

Los Angeles County only has 3.3 acres of greenspace per 1,000 residents – well below the national average for major metropolises. The number of children without access to a park in Greater Los Angeles is over 600,000.


Let’s help local municipalities maintain innovative projects that improve livability.

Give cities much-needed flexibility to enhance existing multi-benefit projects.


Let’s replace our outdated, crumbling infrastructure to meet the demands of the 21st century. 

Let’s proactively invest in our communities and solve our water-supply issues before they escalate into full-blown crises.