Economical Benefits

Let’s help secure a water future for Greater Los Angeles that is reliable and cost effective.

Given that we import roughly 70% of our water, LA can’t take supply for granted. We need to do a better job of sourcing water locally – capturing and reusing the water we currently have.


Let’s save taxpayer dollars by NOT sending “free liquid gold” out to sea.

County Public Works estimates we can capture an additional 300,000 acre feet of stormwater in LA each year, instead of importing costly and unreliable water.


Let’s better leverage taxpayer dollars already earmarked for improved transportation systems and county parks.

Incorporating smart stormwater management funding into those plans will have a significant positive multiplier effect.


Let’s proactively invest in systems that will improve water quality, instead of paying fines down the line.

LA County is on the hook for an estimated $24 billion over the next two decades to meet strict water quality mandates set by the State Water Control Board.


Let’s stimulate good union jobs that will support families and help build a more sustainable and livable LA.

The construction and maintenance of multi-benefit projects is expected to generate new high-quality jobs in LA County.


Let’s protect the value of LA County’s annual $16 billion coastal economy, which is threatened by polluted shorelines.

Dirty beaches, trashy rivers and runoff-polluted water are harmful to our vital tourist industries.

Download our infographic sheets on Green Jobs and Economical Benefits.