Edward Markham Middle School

Location: 1650 E 104th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90002

After completing a Facilities Condition Assessments for several schools and identifying high priority repair projects that were also opportunities to integrate stormwater management strategies, Los Angeles Unified School District completed improvements to the Edwin Markham Middle School campus that included stormwater management strategies. These repair projects included permeable paving, bioswales and biorention areas that will capture, clean and infiltrate stormwater runoff to keep litter and pollutants out of the Los Angeles River. Council for Watershed Health partnered with the Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) to facilitate a series of Professional Development Workshops  for teachers and staff to learn about the multi-benefit water capture projects and how to incorporate them into existing curricula as outdoor living laboratories. Through these repair projects, students and teachers now have the chance to explore, learn and discover how their campus is connected to the Los Angeles River and watershed.


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