Environmental Benefits

Let’s be responsible stewards for the environment.

Given increases in extreme weather and our boom-and-bust state water cycle, we can no longer afford to kick our water supply issues down the road for future generations to solve. Importing water to Los Angeles requires enormous amounts of energy. Moving water south over the Tehachapi is the single largest user of electrical energy in the state. And, dumping runoff uselessly into the sea – instead of reusing it – is the primary source of harmful coastal pollution.


Let’s stop plastic waste and other manmade debris from polluting our rivers, creeks and ocean.

Millions of pounds of trash hit LA shorelines each year. Nearly 80% is carried directly to the sea via our outdated 3,000-mile long county stormdrain system.


Let’s dramatically improve water quality in the Santa Monica and San Pedro bays, the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers, and other waterbodies throughout the County.

LA County beaches are the most polluted beaches in the state, with tens of millions of gallons of bacteria-riddled stormwater runoff hitting shorelines every day of the year.


Let’s be an example to the rest of the country about tackling water management challenges in an innovative, effective and fiscally responsible manner.

If the nation’s fourth-largest economy can rethink its relationship to water and dramatically reinvent its infrastructure, other metropolises will be inspired to act.

Download our Environmental Benefits Infographic here.