Gateway Business Center

Location: 6090 Irwindale Ave., Irwindale, CA 91702

Gateway Business Center is a 25-acre site home to 10 industrial buildings located in the San Gabriel Mountain Foothills. The center’s original concrete stormwater infrastructure collected rainfall from all over the site and channeled it down the drain. When Gateway Business Center was renovated, it was reimagined with the multiple possible benefits of stormwater capture in mind. The upgraded stormwater management is inspired by natural processes and captures water onsite to irrigate the native and adaptive landscaping that was planted on the site. The design includes a bioswale feature that was retrofitted from the old centralized concrete channel to detain and infiltrate rain water and rainwater harvesting tanks that collect rainwater and runoff from the building roofs to irrigate the gardens. With all the stormwater strategies combined, 80% of the rain that falls on the site is captured instead of wasted.  And, employees can enjoy the newly lush native landscaping and walking trails inspired by local landscapes and the surrounding mountain environment.

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