Health Benefits

Let’s create greener neighborhoods that mitigate heat-island effect and other health-related outcomes associated with climate change.

Multi-benefit stormwater capture projects can create new green spaces, which can cool urban areas and prevent dangerously hot conditions. During extreme heat events, 5% more Angelenos die than on cooler days. Increased heat also increases smog formation and demand for extra electricity.


Let’s protect the health of the 50 million people who visit LA County beaches each year.

Nearly 600,000 swimmers at Southland beaches are expected to contract gastrointestinal illnesses each year, according to models created by researchers at UCLA and Stanford. Costs related to illnesses are estimated to be at least $20 million annually.


Let’s ensure that all residents have a secure water future, in which they can depend on a reliable supply of affordable and clean drinking water.

Governor Brown declared that every Californian has a human right to safe, clean, affordable and accessible drinking water. The County must hold up its end of the bargain by planning for the future.


Let’s build multi-benefit projects that will improve quality of life and improve health in our region’s most vulnerable communities.

Several cities are already funding green infrastructure to increase water self-sufficiency and create more open space. Let’s make sure that ALL residents of the County, no matter their zip code, have access to similar benefits.

Download our Community Health Benefits Infographic.