Oros Green Street and Steelhead Park

Location: Oros Street, Elysian Valley, Los Angeles, CA

The Oros Green Street Project captures stormwater runoff from homes and a residential street and cleans it through a series of soil and plant layers before it gets into the Los Angeles River. While providing the neighborhood with beautiful landscape and infrastructure, this eco-friendly greenscape is an innovative model of sustainability that manages and cleans rain water from pollutants that traditionally travel directly into the stormwater system (or the Los Angeles River) and harm our oceans. In addition to the innovated landscape on Oros Street, Steelhead Park was redesigned with a bio-infiltration basin that uses  natural materials like rocks and native plants to filtrate pollutants from entering the stormwater system.

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To learn more about the Oros Green Street and Steelhead Park Project, please visit http://www.bringingnatureback.org/projects/oros-green-street/.