A coalition united to support clean, safe, affordable and reliable water.

Who We Are

OurWaterLA is a diverse coalition of community leaders and organizations from across Los Angeles County united to create a strong water future for Los Angeles. Our goal is to secure clean, safe, affordable and reliable water for all the ways we live, work and use water now and for the future.

Our coalition works with community groups, environmental and clean water advocates, labor leaders, business leaders, municipalities and other public agencies. Together, we are committed to answering urgent challenges to Los Angeles County’s quality of life and economy, including limited local water supply, local water pollution, flood risk, extreme weather cycles like drought and other challenges to our water systems and resources.

Our Water Future

Our long-term objective is creating a healthy, green, equitable and reliable water system in Los Angeles County. Our coalition works towards increasing awareness about how water benefits our way of life today and tomorrow. We must:

  • Safeguard public health and well-being.
  • Ensure availability of safe, affordable drinking water for all.
  • Improve the natural habitat of waterways throughout the region.
  • Protect against extreme and hazardous weather variability including drought, flooding and extreme heat.
  • Stop wasting sources of water such as rainfall and runoff and consider every raindrop valuable and useful.
  • Protect and revitalize communities, particularly in underserved neighborhoods, through increased green space for habitat, cooling and recreation.
  • Create and promote local green jobs and businesses, and solidify Los Angeles County as the national leader on transitioning to a green economy.

Our Path Forward

We will work to make water issues accessible by developing informational materials, bringing new partners to our coalition and hosting workshops and community events throughout LA County. We will listen to and help communities understand their power to make our neighborhoods greener and healthier while enhancing our local economy and quality of life.

We will collaborate with the LA County and 88 cities in the region to support investments that improve water quality, restore clean streams, rivers and beaches, help our communities prepare for the impacts of extreme weather patterns, and ensure a safe, reliable and clean water supply from our mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

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