OurWaterLA Policy Recommendations

The OurWaterLA coalition works with community groups, environmental and clean water advocates, labor leaders, business leaders, municipalities and other public agencies. Together, we are committed to answering urgent challenges to Los Angeles County’s quality of life and economy, including limited local water supply, local water pollution, flood risk, extreme weather cycles like drought and other challenges to our water systems and resources.

To further the discussions around key issues, OurWaterLA submitted the following policy papers to set forth our views on the crucial elements that should be included in a potential funding measure.  We developed these positions through a lengthy and thoughtful consensus-building process.

We look forward to working with Los Angeles County, cities, and the members of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to bring forth a Program that will support well-considered investments that will leverage other funding sources and result in multiple beneficial outcomes in a truly cost-effective manner that sustains our quality of life in the region. Together we can improve water quality, restore clean streams, rivers and beaches, help our communities prepare for extreme weather, and ensure a safe, reliable and clean water supply from our mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

To learn more about the Los Angeles County’s Safe, Clean Water Program, visit safecleanwaterla.org.

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