Rory M. Shaw Wetlands Park Project

Location: 5413 S Avalon Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90011

The Rory M. Shaw Wetlands Park Project is as collaborative effort by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, the City of Los Angeles and the Sun Valley Watershed Stakeholders Group. The project’s objective is to retain stormwater runoff while increasing water conservation, recreational opportunities, and wildlife habitat, and reducing stormwater pollution. The project will convert a 46-acre, engineered, inert landfill into a multi-purpose wetlands park. In addition to treating stormwater in existing Sun Valley Park infiltration basins for groundwater recharge, the project will provide approximately 15 acres of open green space and recreational areas to a community that is currently underserved for recreational opportunities.

Rory M. Shaw Wetlands Park Project Renderings


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