Safe Clean Water LA: Watershed Area Steering Committee Meetings

Starting in this spring, LA County is spending about $280 million per year on multi-benefit, nature-based water projects that create local jobs, clean up local water sources, and build new open green space for residents. The Safe Clean Water LA Program has nine local Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASCs) that are meeting every few weeks and making decisions on where and how this funding gets spent.

Right now, 53 projects spread across the county qualify for funding through the Safe, Clean Water Program this year!

For the next month, local WASCs are holding public online meetings to decide which of the 53 proposed projects get funded. We need your participation and voice represented to make sure the best of these projects – the ones that truly exemplify the goals of the Safe Clean Water Program – are selected and start helping us green our communities, create local jobs and career opportunities, and make LA County more resilient to climate change. Community investments must be made with community input!

Get Involved and Decide the Future of Safe Clean Water in LA

OurWaterLA looked through every project proposal and identified the ones that best exemplify what LA County voters say they want: good jobs, clean water, community investments, and nature-based solutions. Check out our project recommendations.

You can find the WASC that represents your neighborhood on this map and email with any messages for your WASC. We can make sure your WASC representatives know what kinds of projects you want for your community.

Every WASC wants to hear from its residents! Once you know your local WASC, you can submit official comments before each meeting or join virtual meetings this month to provide your feedback directly. See the full calendar of WASC meetings. On the Safe Clean Water Program website, check the Committees tab or the links below to find your WASC page and the agenda and virtual WebEx link for each meeting.

Check out these OurWaterLA resources to help you provide feedback:

To make sure your comments are part of a meeting’s official record or to request time to speak during the meeting, send an email using LA County’s Comment Card to by 5pm PST the day before the meeting.

If you can’t fill out and email the comment card, that’s okay! Just send an email to with the following information:

  • A subject line that says “Public Comment: [Watershed Area] [Meeting Date]”
  • Your name and a way to contact you, like an email address or phone number
  • Your comments or a request to speak during the meeting

If you need additional help or accommodations, you can email or call 833-ASK-SCWP.

Enter your email address on the Safe Clean Water Program website to get updates on how LA County is implementing the Safe Clean Water Program.

If you would like additional resources or have questions, please email

What is a Watershed Area Steering Committee?
LA’s Safe Clean Water Program relies on 9 Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASC) to decide how and where the funds get spent. Each Committee is made up of 17 people: 5 community representatives, 7 local elected leaders, and public employees from flood, water, and sanitation, and parks agencies.