Water touches all aspects of our lives. While clean, reliable and affordable water is essential to our quality of life and health, Los Angeles’ water infrastructure needs improvement to deal with the extreme weather cycles threatening our water supply.


OurWaterLA is a diverse coalition of community leaders and organizations from across Los Angeles County united to create a strong water future for Los Angeles. Our goal is to secure clean, safe, affordable and reliable water for drinking, recreation and commerce now and for the future.

Know The Flow

Do you know where your water comes from? Find out what water sources Los Angeles County uses to provide clean water for over 10 million residents.

Safe Drinking Water for Californians

Safe and affordable water is a human right. Learn more about the issues facing the quality of our drinking water.

Multi-Benefit Water Capture Projects

Visit LA Sanitation’s page on Prop O projects to find out how capturing rainwater can help us supplement our water supply and improve water quality for residents and the environment.

Water Conservation

Following extraordinary water conservation efforts and considerable amounts of winter rain and snow, California ended the drought State of Emergency earlier this year. However, water conservation is a way of life in Los Angeles County due to our ongoing efforts to protect this valuable resource against unpredictable weather cycles. Discover how you can continue conserving water in your own home!

Our Rivers

310 million gallons of water flow through the Los Angeles River every day, but how much can we save? Learn more about the issues affecting your local watershed and the opportunities to improve water capture and quality.


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