Make a Difference: Take action in LA County’s Safe Clean Water Program

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Los Angeles County’s Safe Clean Water Program is a major victory for hard-working families, our neighborhoods, and our ocean. When voters passed this program, they made it clear it has to prioritize historically underserved communities, clean up pollution and trash, and make sure everyone has safe and clean water.

How Can You Get Involved?
There are lots of ways to make sure your ideas and needs help shape how the LA Safe Clean Water Program works:

  • Attend OWLA community forums to meet your local Watershed Area Steering Committee (WASC) representatives and share your ideas.
  • Talk to your neighbors about what  investments you all need the most
  • Attend local meetings (Check out our events calendar for dates and locations close to YOU!)

The Safe Clean Water Program program created nine local groups to oversee every watershed area in the county and deliver local solutions to local communities. These groups are called “Watershed Area Steering Committees.” To make sure this $300 million a year helps the communities that need clean water, good jobs, and healthy spaces the most, these Committees need to hear from you!

What is a Watershed Area Steering Committee?
LA’s Safe Clean Water Program relies on 9 Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASC) to decide how and where the funds get spent. Each Committee is made up of 17 people: 5 community representatives, 7 local elected leaders, and public employees from flood, water, and sanitation, and parks agencies.


Browse through our events for opportunities to meet our coalition organizations or to support our goal to secure clean, safe, affordable and reliable water.


Learn more about the issues facing our water supply and how multi-benefit water capture projects help improve Los Angeles County’s quality of life and economy.


OurWaterLA believes that it will take all of us working together as Angelenos to create the water future we want for Los Angeles County. Join our coalition today!