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OurWaterLA is a diverse coalition of community leaders and organizations from across Los Angeles County united to create a strong water future for Los Angeles.

Join our coalition and pledge to support OurWaterLA’s goals to ensure clean, safe and affordable water for drinking, recreation and commerce by supporting investment in water infrastructure that will create a strong water future for Los Angeles.

A healthy, natural, equitable and reliable water system can be secured by:

Prioritizing Nature-Based Projects that Result in Multiple Benefits: Incentivize local projects that offer water quality and supply benefits, help clean our oceans and restore natural habitats, create green and open space in underserved communities, reduce dependence on imported water by capturing stormwater, reduce flood risk, replenish groundwater and revitalize our communities.

Supporting Job Creation and Workforce Development: Incentivize family-supporting jobs, training, accreditation, apprenticeship and other workforce development programs that further equitable job creation within green workforce and help build needed expertise within the sector.

Embracing Transparency: Provide clear, objective criteria to assess and evaluate projects and programs, establish proper governance, transparency and oversight for funding allocations.

Conducting Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement: Fund water literacy and incorporate targeted outreach to diverse stakeholders throughout the County, particularly low-income communities that are most affected by water quality issues.

OurWaterLA believes that it will take all of us working together as Angelenos to create the water future we want for Los Angeles County. Join our coalition to learn more and get involved in making this goal a reality today.